GMC_cs_logoIn 2016, the General Medical Council issued new guidelines setting out the standards expected from doctors who provide cosmetic surgery. Enforced from 1st June 2016, the guidelines apply to all doctors who carry out both surgical (such as breast augmentation) and non-surgical procedures (such as dermal fillers).

The guidance makes clear the ethical obligations doctors have towards patients and the standards of care they need to provide. It says that doctors must:

  • market their services responsibly
  • seek a patient’s consent themselves rather than delegate this to somebody else
  • give patients all the time and information they need so that they can make a voluntary and informed decision about whether to go ahead
  • take particular care when considering requests for interventions on children and young people
  • consider patients’ vulnerabilities and psychological needs when making decisions with them about treatment options

At Landauer Cosmetic Surgery Group, we have operated to these high standards since our inception and are pleased to see the General Medical Council role this out across the sector. At Landauer we only use accredited surgeons as well as excelling in the before and after-care service we provide our patients.

If you are looking into UK cosmetic surgery, please do not hesitate to call us. You will speak with a qualified doctor on the phone and meet your surgeon at the consultation. Our prices are competitive and we provide a 0% finance option if preferred. Call: 0844 335 6126 or fill in our enquiry form.