Eye Surgery


Cosmetic eye surgery  (blepharoplasty) is a procedure that helps to remove unsightly changes around the eyes, such as under-eye bags.

Although cosmetic eye surgery is usually favoured by older patients, eye bags are not necessarily linked with ageing and can occur in relatively young people. The eye is surrounded by a layer of fat which can swell and cause eye bags. Through cosmetic eye surgery, this problem can be corrected.

Lower Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Cosmetic eye surgery on lower eye bags involves a cut just below and to the side of the lower eyelid. During lower eye bag removal, fat is removed and excess skin is trimmed to conform to the new contour.

Any swelling or discolouration that appears due to cosmetic eye surgery should fade 2 to 3 weeks after your operation, and dryness or itchiness of the eyes should also clear in a few weeks.

Most patients would take 2 weeks off work following eye bag surgery as most women can cover up the signs of any residual swelling and bruising with make up after about 10 – 12 days

Any pull at the lid at the corner of the eye following a cosmetic eye surgery procedure will correct itself within 2 to 5 weeks.

Upper Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Upper eye bag removal is a type of cosmetic eye surgery that removes unsightly fatty folds from the upper eye lid. This fold can sometimes fall across the eye and interfere with normal vision and the resulting scar in the upper eye lid crease is extremely fine.

Patients often combine eye bag surgery with a face and / or neck lift to achieve the desired result in one session.