Breast Uplift Surgery


There are a number of reasons a woman may need breast uplift surgery (mastopexy). For instance, some women’s breasts droop after pregnancy, while others may sag from weight loss or as a result of aging, when breasts begin to stretch and lose their youthful shape. With breast uplift surgery, it is possible to reshape breasts to look more youthful and feel firmer. During breast uplift surgery, surplus skin is removed from underneath the breast, the breast is remodelled and the nipples are repositioned at the correct level.

During a breast uplift surgery procedure, the size of breasts may also be increased by placing silicone breast implants underneath the tightened breasts. This is called breast uplift with augmentation or breast uplift and enlargement.

If you plan to have children in the very near future it may be a good idea to postpone your breast uplift surgery because, though there are no risks for future pregnancy and breast uplift does not usually interfere with breast feeding, pregnancy could stretch the breast tissue again.

Patients often combine breast uplift surgery with breast enlargement surgery to achieve the desired result in one session.