Welcome to Landauer

The Landauer Cosmetic Surgery Group has been providing surgical excellence to patients in the UK since 1999. We cater for cosmetic surgery and weight loss surgery patients whose primary concerns are the qualifications, skill level, experience and accreditation of the surgeon who will be operating on them to give the outcome they desire. For your additional peace of mind and to assure you of the highest standards of surgical expertise, all of our plastic surgeons are members of BAPRAS.

Our patients also select Landauer Cosmetic Surgery Group for the high standards of hospitals which include Spire and Nuffield, the professionalism of the nursing team looking after them and the true level of aftercare that they receive.

We understand price is important to our patients as well as proximity of hospital location and selecting a date and time which is convenient for all. At Landauer Cosmetic Surgery Group you receive the benefit of accredited and specialist surgeons at a price which is competitive. Payment options are available and our hospitals are located across the UK.

We do not employ sales people or cosmetic surgery advisors. This is what you typically get from organisations that offer free consultations; a meeting with a sales person on commission.

At Landauer your consultation will be with the surgeon who will operate on you. Your consultation is to assess your suitability for surgery, ensure that you have realistic expectations and then clearly and transparently go through all of the risks that exist with any surgical procedure. The surgeon will go through the costs and recovery times so that you can make an informed decision as to whether cosmetic surgery or weight loss surgery is right for you or not.

For more information regarding cosmetic surgery or weight loss procedures, locations, prices or the most appropriate surgeon for your needs, please call 0844 335 6126 for an informal and friendly chat. If you prefer, please complete our contact form.